Movie Review: A Moment to Remember (2004) – Korean Movie


I’m not a huge fan of those human-dramas — the ones where someone has an illness and you know the rest… A Moment to Remember definitely falls into that human-drama / romance category of a typical Korean tearjerker. So even though I don’t really enjoy watching these types of films, there were some things I liked about this one — but more that I didn’t.


I liked that the movie can clearly be broken up into parts or plot segments. The first half of the movie doesn’t even seem like a human-drama, just a romance. And I quite enjoyed the early parts of the movie. There are subtle hints that the theme is about relationships, life and all that jazz.

amtr 1

Then it progressively turns and the story of loss, burden and illness takes center. So while I don’t generally like these types of films, I also didn’t like the way in which this one was done. Too curvy and rushed in storytelling for the second half. A change in pace is one thing, but its another to be bombarded with melodramatic underwhelming scenes and story points.  Other things I didn’t like mainly had to do with some plot holes and characters (acting?) — the doctor mainly.

aparoo says 3/5, decent tearjerker maybe; great film no. 

aparoo’s words: human drama, romance, love story, illness, disease, loss, burden, relationship

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