Movie Review: The Road Less Traveled (2010) – Chinese Movie

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Tired of the in your face romance/drama plots? Or all the typical tearjerkers? Or blatant overly compensated stories? Then watch The Road Less Traveled, its a good change of pace and breath of fresh air when it comes to all that junk. This film is a great thematic melodrama with dashes of melancholy and tragedy through realism and parallels.

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The Road Less Traveled is a fateful story about tragedy in ordinary life and the reconciliation and/or guilt that results. At the heart its about overcoming things in life as much as it is about the connections we make (or find) in life. I wasn’t sure if the ending would do justice, but as I watched I was pleasantly satisfied.

the road less traveled

Its essentially about a truck-driver from HK who accidently kills a man onenight while on route, and the pregnant restaurant/farm-owning wife left behind. Oh, and the truckdriver has a longtime girlfriend. Other things, and characters, come into play in fitting manners. Overall the cast was great, excellent performances.

The soundtrack was quiet but good. The visuals were truly stunning with vibrant colours and great pan-scenic shots. As somber or morbid as some of the plot may be, it all came together great on screen and I’m glad they went with colour rather than grey-scale monotone. Likewise, the film definitely has a tone and mood to it, thanks to the visual and partly thanks to the dialouge.

the road less traveled 2


Director: Derek Chiu

Reviews: LoveHKFilm // Twitch // BeyondHollywood

aparoo’s words: melodrama, melancholy, tragedy, life, death, accident, guilt, reconciliation, relationship, fate, responsibility, goodness, bittersweet, cross-border

aparoo says 4/5

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