Movie Review: Oppai Volleyball (2009) – Japanese Movie

oppai volleyball cover

Oppai Volleyball is a great little sports comedy about boobs, and volleyball. That’s right, boobs (oppai)!  Its lighthearted, youthful and fun. Entertaining throughout, with a comedic approach to the underdog, puberty and teaching. As goofy as the movie is, its also meaningful and a great coming of age or ‘life’ story.

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Set in the 1970’s, Haruka Ayase (Hotaru no Hikari) plays a  newly transferred, young and enthusiastic teacher who takes it upon herself to coach the boy’s volleyball club. The club is a small group of ‘loser’ boys who mostly just think about girls and are far from athletic. Somehow, the promise of them seeing the teacher’s boobs if they win a game comes to fruition.

oppai volleyball poster 2

“Whilst obviously a must-see for all fans of Haruka Ayase, it should also be enjoyed by anyone looking for sports comedy, light personal journey drama, or a non-stop onslaught of breast jokes.” (BeyondHollywood)

Reviews: BeyondHollywood // TwitchFilm // Portastylistic // LoveHKFilm

aparoo’s words: dramedy, comedy, lighthearted, uplifting, inspiring, adventure, youthful, coming of age, life, journey, sports, underdog, coaching, teaching, boobs, breast jokes, courage, esteem, motivation

aparoo’s Haruka Ayase pics

aparoo says 4 boobs / 5 boobs… because 5 would be weird

Download: AsiaTorrents

Stream: YouTube (opening scene had me laughing; below)



2 responses to “Movie Review: Oppai Volleyball (2009) – Japanese Movie

  1. Jiahahahaha… first time I saw the title “Oppai Volleyball”, I laughed.

    Movie about boobs and volleyball, I think goona watch it ;p~

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