Movie Review: Kiseki (2011) – Japanese Movie

kiseki poster

Kiseki (I Wish) is a bit of a lighthearted dramedy, even without too much seriousness and no punchlines. And actually I didn’t have my first chuckle until about an hour into the movie. Its more of a pleasant, natural and simple film with a story that you can take to heart. Its shot mostly with still-hand camera and realistic dialogue. Its as much a children’s movie as it is humanistic. Kiseki is a story about family and childhood.

kiseki family

The story, which was written after the lead child actors (real-life brothers) were cast, is centered around two brothers separated by their parents divorce and their ‘wish’ of reuniting. With a proclaimed storytelling style and ability, Hirokazu Koreeda (Air Doll, Nobody Knows) puts life and the innocence of children in context “with his style of naturalistic filmmaking, with its avoidance of melodrama and sentimentalism” (Japan Times).

While there were a few moments where the novice child acting was apparent, their overall character portrayals leave a good impression. Similarly, the star-studded supporting cast help balance the screen-time and plot.

Child cast: Koki Maeda Oshiro Maeda  Ryoga Hayashi Hosinosuke Nagayosi Kara Uchida Kanna Hashimoto  Rento Isobe

Other cast: Nene Otsuka Joe Odagiri Yui Natsukawa Hiroshi Abe Masami Nagasawa Yoshio Harada Kirin Kiki Isao Hashizume

kiseki brothers

Reviews: Japan Times // Variety // Rotten Tomatoes // alualuna

aparoo’s words: lighthearted, dramedy, natural, family, humanistic, childhood, innocence, life

aparoo says 4/5, great story but seemed to run kind of long (2h 10min)

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