The Longest Night in Shanghai (2007) Chinese/Japanese Movie – Review

the longest night in shanghai cover

The Longest Night in Shanghai is still both one of my favourite romantic-dramaedies and pan-Asian (co-) productions. The main reasons include: the visually stunning settings, a compelling soundtrack throughout and a cute love story. Directed and co-written by Yibai Zhang. Third Chinese/Japanese co-production set in Shanghai by Movie-Eye Entertainment (Japan).

Synopsis here

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The movie definitely takes you away from wherever you are and along for the romantic ride one night in Shanghai. Thankfully, its not the in-your-face city skylines and scenic images (like in Mirai Yosouzu) that make you a tourist watching a documentary or reading a brochure. — All the reviews I’ve read agree on this point 100%. Instead the setting and story are one in the same — in that the romance unfolds through the city and the city unfolds the romance.

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Its always great when strong visuals have the perfect music to compliment them and this movie follows suit to that notion. As a Chinese/Japanese co-production film, and love story between a Japanese man and Chinese woman, scenes either contain both languages or none — but music to accompany all. This element almost makes subtitles unnecessary because you will understand and feel what’s going on.

Soundtrack (Youtube) // Download

Masahiro Motoki plays the Japanese make-up artist and Wei Zhao plays the Chinese cab driver. One is wound-up and the other is bubbly? As we (the audience) get to discover a city & love story, they (the characters) help each other discover things too — even with barriers to communication. In trying to understand each other they end up understanding themselves more than they could before.


Some reviews are not too favourable of their chemistry — which I disagree on. I thought it was great (like in 26 Years Diary — a Japan/Korea co-production).  I do however agree on some of the other things these reviews point out like lack of substance in the subplots and side-stories that add little to the main story (even with a diverse cast). (Reviews below)


Full synopsis & cast here

Reviews: twitch // Variety // thesupermovie

Stream: Youtube (no English subs) // Dramacrazy (English subs!)

Download: AsiaTorrents

aparoo says 5/5, this is my “go-to” cute-flick


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