Mirai Yosouzu [The Signs of Love] (2007) – Japanese Movie – Review

What happens when you have a film set in Tokyo and Barcelona, a great soundtrack, a typical storyline and mediocre acting? Somehow you still get a decent two hours of entertainment.

Mirai yosouzu cover

Mirai Yosouzu (Mirai Yosouzu -Aishiteru no Signs-  aka. The Signs of Love) was not based on a novel like most popular love stories, instead it was based on two songs (Mirai Yosouzu I & II) by DREAMS COME TRUE.

“A romantic drama about two college students who fall for one another, only to take separate paths in life after graduation.” (IMDb)

The production value definitely makes this a “beautiful love story” from the settings and scenic shots. While watching, I felt like I was back in Tokyo or in Barcelona for the first time. Its almost as if the setting overpowered the story on-screen. But its still a worth-while romance-drama because there is a story being told. Its about young love and dreams (life & career).

aparoo says 3/5


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