Confessions [Kokuhaku] (2010) – Japanese Movie – Review


I finally got around to watching one of 2010’s biggest Japanese movies: Confessions (Kokuhaku). It was one hell of a revenge plot + psychological thriller. Watching it gave me reminders of Battle Royale and The Suicide Club; all three having forceful (to say the least) impacts on Japanese pop culture and cinema by way of their subject matter and depictions. Its also worth mentioning that all three films being mentioned were either based on novels or adapted to novels (among other formats) — all equally controversial as the films.

Vengeful, violent and vicious in nature? Yes. Dark, sad and morbid? Yes. Traces of horror? Yes.

Full synopsis

Visually stunning? Yes. Deep story? Yes. Excellent acting? Yes. Fitting directorial style? Yes.

confessions 1

A revealing theme and mystery around life/death leads to a revengeful undertone to the entire movie. The monologues and narrations bring another dimension to the eerie music and thought provoking visuals. While I praise the film as a whole, and it received substantial awards and nominations the fact remains that its one of those edgy-content movies probably not suitable for all audiences.

confessions 2

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aparoo says 5/5 and I confess: I was like WTF?? a couple times during this movie



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