Femme Feature: Yoshitaka Yuriko is cute



Yoshitaka Yuriko is cute. I liked her in Shiroi Haru and Tokyo Dogs — both in which she plays “the cute girl”. She is also known for her role in popular romance-comedy drama Love Shuffle and her first leading role in the human drama Mioka. Her breakout role was in the movie Snakes and Earrings (2007), based on an award-winning novel, which earned her a best newcomer and best actress award. Yuriko also appeared in the music video for Arigato by FLOW — one of my favourite Japanese rock bands. Music video below:

She also starred in the two live-action films for popular manga-anime franchise Gantz as Tae Kojima. Movie info and trailer here.

gantz yy

Love Shuffle fan video

Ashita no Kita Yoshio foot massage scene


More Yuriko:




yy12 yy13




aparoo says she lets me call her Yoshi for short

Bonus picture


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