A Million (2009) – Korean Movie – Review

a million

A Million wasn’t much of the thriller as it claims to be. It had the whole survival-reality-game thing going for it though. Filmed in Australia, it definitely reminded me of “Survivor” — or at least a more deadly version of it. Usually for this death game/ survival genre of movie I stick to Japanese ones but it was refreshing to finally watch a Korean take on one. It did fall short for me, probably because I’m comparing it to the likes of “Battle Royale” & “Incite Mill” — both highly popular and controversial movies for their subject matter.

a million 1

For me, the movie was pretty much held together by Shin Min-ah who can still act well despite a lacking story full of potholes. On that note, the plot basically revolves around a group of people in a survivor-elimination like game of challenges for a $1-million USD prize — little do they know its a prize literally for the last person standing. Yawn.



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aparoo says 2/5 — weak death game movie


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