Elevator to the Gallows (2010) – Japanese Movie – Review

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Elevator to the Gallows is a remake of a 1950’s film noir classic. The 2010 Japanese version is a great murder-drama with just enough crime, thrills and sinister darkness.The plot revolves around murder for love, which is as interesting to watch unfold as is the aftermath. A chain of events intertwines and determines fates.

Full synopsis

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The cast was spot on for the character portrayals in this story. Michiko Kichise plays a mysterious and calculating woman which reminded me of her in the “Liar Game” series. Hiroshi Abe pulls off another great leading act. And my favourite Keiko Kitagawa plays Tetsuji Tamayama‘s girlfriend.

Original synopsis. Original French Theatrical Trailer — Elevator to the Gallows (1957)
2010 Japanese trailer:

Aside from the great cast and story, the other mentionable element is the great score. From early on in the film it gave me chills and reminders of “Psycho” (1960/ 1998). The movie goes from eerie-melancholy to crime-drama settings flawlessly through the music. The backdrops and background music definitely depict the deeper parts of the story.


aparoo says 5/5, watch if you like murder-dramas and appreciate classic remakes

More Kitagawa Keiko 2 3


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