Little Black Dress (2011) – Korean Movie – Review

little black dress 3

Little Black Dress is based on the novel “My Black Mini Dress“. The movie is a lighthearted drama about four 24 year old recent university grads and best friends. It depicts the lives of young Korean women and issues they may face: economic/social constraints, financial troubles, family influences etc. But at the heart its a girl-flick (said to resemble Sex & the City) dealing with friendship & hardship.

The character’s similarities and differences compliment each other well and make them a formidable and dynamic unit. But the movie is also about independence and one’s own life as much as it is about friendship.”They seem to be enjoying their 20′s, but inside they all have worries.”

little black dress 1

little black dress 10

little black dress 5

The eye-candy cast is made up of (Yoon Eun-Hye) (Park Han-Byul) (Cha Ye-Ryeon) and (Yoo In-Na)

little black dress 6

Fashion in the movie
Viewer review

aparoo says 3/5, girl-flick –> zZzz || eye-candy –> :)

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