Femme Feature: Once Upon a Time (TV) — Jennifer Morrison

I’m looking forward to Once Upon a Time (ABC) for two reasons: its from the writers of LOST + starring Jennifer Morrison (House) — enough said.

once upon a time jennifer morrison

Previews for the new fall line-up have been popping up all summer and all the networks have some ambitious series to premiere, including ABC (new shows). Pan Am (ABC) & The Playboy Club (NBC) look like futile attempts at hopping on the Mad Men (AMC) nostalgic 50’s era bandwagon. I hope they both fail but I’m looking forward to seeing skimpy outfitted women. I’m sure Charlies Angels (ABC) will gain traction like Hawaii 5-0 (CBS) did — can never have too many remakes /sarcasm. And then of courses there is a pile of crime-detective-gifted shows on the way which I won’t even talk to because I hate them all.

once upon a time cast

“From the inventive minds of Lost executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis comes a bold new imagining of the world, where fairy tales and the modern-day are about to collide.” (ABC)

Once Upon a Time (ABC) vs. Grimm (NBC): analysis/background

How the series will turnout is anyone’s good guess but one thing is for sure, I’ll be happy to see Jennifer Morrison on the little screen again in a recurring role (ie. House & HIMYM). In the mean time, here’s more JM:

jennifer morrison 1

jennifer morrison 2 house

olivia wilde & jennifer morrison

jennifer morrison 3 house jennifer morrison 4 star trek

jennifer morrison 5

jennifer morrison 7

aparoo says Jennifer Morrison in a fantasy/drama is one way to get guys to believe in fairy-tales.


2 responses to “Femme Feature: Once Upon a Time (TV) — Jennifer Morrison

    • Well its officially been picked up for the complete first season. I am digging the split real/ fairy tale worlds; parallels great with the storytelling of “LOST”. NBC’s “Grimm” with its supernatural/ myths makes for great competition to “Once Upon A Time”‘s fantasy/ fairy tales.

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