Gangster High (2006) – Korean Movie- Review

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Gangster High is rated “R” for a distinct reason: violence. The movie is teen violence and high-school gang specific, with some typical but propelling themes: friendship & violence. At the core it presents the usual elements of a Korean gangster (teen) movie: education system, society, bullying, rebellion and recklessness. However, this movie does an excellent job at creating and presenting its own “gangster image”.

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Shortly put, its about a group of friends and the strength of their bond as they are met with obstacles and opposition. Of course there ends up being a girl sort of in the middle of everything but that’s really just a story-mover. Its a good movie to see if you want to see some “cool” fighting scenes — vicious, violent and vengeful (and bloody).

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Its the last 15 minutes (part 10-11/11 from Stream link #3 below) of the movie that culminate and really stand out — one of those scenes that gets audiences talking (brutal). Overall its an entertaining and thrilling movie with a narrow plot and great cast — youthful, humourous and (dead) serious.

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Stream 1 or 2 or 3

Plot summary (HanCinema) (Wiki) (Other)

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Blog reviewer

Review (positive) — “one of the best teen violence films of recent years” (BeyondHollywood)

Review (negative) — “bad attempt at high school delinquent movies” (

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aparoo says 5/5, and I thought my high-school days were hardcore, damn.

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