April Bride (2009) – Japanese Movie – Review

april bride poster jap
April Bride is based on a true story about a woman’s diagnosis, battle and journey with breast cancer. The story itself is very raw and inspiring but I also thought its path to the big screen was interesting: true story -> news story -> TV documentary -> feature film.

“On April 5, 2007, a couple married in a church. At first glance, it was a typical wedding. The bride, however, was suffering from late-stage breast cancer and had been given only a month to live.


Its very much so a “weepy”and sad human-drama as it depicts how life, love and cancer clash. And yes the plot may hold some of those typical or cliched romance-drama elements: fall in-love, someone has cancer, stay together, dun dun dun.. But, these points in the story come together especially well due to the great direction (Ryuichi Hiroki) and cast — and the fact that its based on a true story does not hurt its “realness” or honesty.

april bride cast

I’m sure Nana Eikura as Chie Nagashima did justice in sharing the story and legacy (pro-treatment) of a wonderful human being. Equally so, Eita playing a powerful role in such a drama is also a slam-dunk (see Last Friends). Lastly, one of my favourite Japanese actors, Akira Emoto, plays Chei’s father with the utmost sincerity by way of “serious-emotions” — his facial expressions can tell a whole story.



You might think this movie is only a chick-flick / sad-romance-drama, but I think any guy with a real heart can appreciate the story and look at Eita’s character and be blown away by how much of a man he is. But with that being said, only watch if you want to see Chie’s cancer story unfold and can handle a tearjerker.


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Review (The Japan Times Online)

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aparoo says 5/5, yeah I cried — so what!?


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