Hello Murder (2010) – Korean Movie – Review

happy killers

Hello Murder aka. Happy Killers was a decent melancholy-comedy. Its a mystery/detective-like movie with bits of human drama (family) and just enough comedic relief.  Its mostly about an unemployed & good-for-nothing-father who takes it upon himself to try and catch a serial killer in town — but there is also a rookie detective trying to bust the killer. Naturally their paths cross, for better or worse, as the chase to find the killer pursues.

happy killers 2happy killers 3

Watch it if you want to see a seemingly hopeless person put their mind towards something productive — and find themselves in some really weird but funny situations.

Review — also discusses the mystery short (which is more of a dark mystery) the movie (comedic) is adapted from with some brutal but honest analysis.

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aparoo says 3/5 for mystery but 4/5 for comedy


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