Piecing Me Back Together (2010) – Japanese Movie – Review

matataki 10

Piecing Me Back Together aka. Matataki (“A Blink“) was based on a novel and stars Keiko Kitagawa (“Buzzer Beat,”Dear Friends“)

matataki 2

Its about a girl who loses her memory from a car accident — she survives and the boyfriend dies. She tries to regain her memories by piecing things together with her psychiatrist and a newly befriended lawyer. In hope to remember the accident (and final moments of her boyfriend’s life), she must work through a pile of emotions, confusion and the unknown.

matataki 1matataki 6

Its a sad yet heart-warming movie with a simple and perhaps typical story (accident, death, memory, life, etc..). In this case remembering and moving on work hand in hand, so its a movie about living and closure as much as it is about loss and grief.

Narrations, thoughts, dreams and flashbacks move the story along at a slow but steady pace. Watch it if you’re up for a bit of a tear-jerker and enjoy sad-romance & “life” movies.

matataki 4

matataki 5
Keiko Kitagawa pics 1 2

aparoo says 4/5: realistic direction, strong cinematography & Keiko = triple threat


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