Lakeside Murder Case (2005) – Japanese Movie – Review


Lakeside Murder Case was truly an interesting mystery to watch unfold. This isn’t your regular murder & solve mystery, watch it if you’re up for something a bit more. Its one of those stories that slowly progresses along as it furthers the setting’s ambiance. You do gain a real sense of seclusion, privacy and unknown from the lakeside.

Three families lodge at a cabin as part of preparation for the children’s admission into an elite school and as the title suggests a murder takes place.  With much dialogue, long panning shots, and subtle background scores the movie delivers an eerie mystery. You will be turning with the twists, constantly guessing and trying to put the pieces together — but they just won’t fit. And as many great stories do, you will try to decide what this movie is really about: murder? morals? family? society?

Detailed synopsis

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It deals with the private education system, societal constraints and righteousness. The script and tone in the movie make sense together as Lakeside Murder Case was directed/screen written by Shinji Aoyama (“Helpless“, “Eureka“) who is well known for his thematic and metaphoric work.

Insightful interview – Shinji Aoyama, Midnight Eye
Stream “Eureka” – directed by Shinji Aoyama

aparoo says 4/5, I aint sharing my cabin with anybody! to do list: get a cabin


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