Femme Feature: Lee Hyori returns soon

As per request, Lee Hyori~

She’s been around for over 10 years and is still kicking, expecting to make a big comeback this month or next month. Her hiatus, which was shortened, was due to plagiarism issues with her last album.

Accusation acknowledgement
Comeback preparation
Comeback postponement

lee hyori 2

lee hyori 1

lee hyori 8lee hyori 6lee hyori 9

Singer & dancer (& actress which wasn’t a big hit)

lee hyori 5lee hyori 7

Hyori is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, names in South Korea. I think she is still one of their highest-paid female singer? She’s often referred to as the Britney Spears of Korea, or an earlier Lady Gaga. I’d say the Chitty Chitty bang bang music video does justice to those statements.

CM Singles for Samsung Anycall 1 2


aparoo says hey Hyori

Dark Angel album photos
Fan blog
Fan site


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