Accidental Kidnapper (2010) – Japanese Movie – Review


Accidental Kidnapper was an adventurous drama yet comical at all the right moments. Anyone feeling down on their luck may gain a renewed sense of hope, future and friendship — and at the very least get a good kick out of it. The movie turns an unimaginable kidnapping into the ride of a lifetime (get it? — cuz they’re on the road in the movie)


“The best child-kidnapper road movie since Clint Eastwood’s criminally underrated A Perfect World, this film follows the misadventures of down-on-his-luck Hideyoshi Date… At the end of his tether, Date makes the morally questionable decision to kidnap a schoolboy for ransom. It’s a piece of cake at first, as the boy is eager to get away from his nagging mother and overly strict father, and the unlikely duo set off together on a happy-go-lucky journey that’s half kidnapping and half running away from it all. The stakes are raised when the boy’s father, a wealthy yakuza…” – Japan Society


aparoo says 5/5, I half ran away before too but then I got hungry and came home


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