Sunflower (2006) – Korena Movie – Review

I’ve included all the cover shots I could find because I honestly don’t know which one I like best, they each represent the film in their own way.

This was a damn good melodramatic-gangster flick. Two words that just don’t sound right together. But such genres can combine to create and tell a well-rounded story. Similarly, themes can mix and clash to further make characters as dynamic as the story: violence, loyalty, power // repentance, forgiveness, change. Don’t let the cover shots or my words fool you, its not your typical action/gangster flick overly full of a gang war, fighting and bloodshed. There are some of elements of violence — or perhaps the “idea” of violence.

The film is centered around a man, played by Kim Rae-won, who comes out of prison after 10 years and is on probation. He is a changed man and has promised not to return to his old ways.  He tries gets a job at a garage, lives with a lady and her daughter at their restaurant and tries to live as a normal citizen. He is met with much adversity which shadows his new way of life — and threatens to bring him back to his old ways.

The movie is as much about family, life, change and happiness as it is about the underworld, gangsters and violence.  Read the review below for the full storyline — or just watch it and let the story unfold. I watched it without reading the plot or watching a trailer and truly enjoyed it. That way you will have no judgement and an unbiased mind as you meet and learn about the main character.Its meant to be an emotional roller-coaster as turmoil builds.

aparoo says 5 sunflowers/ 5 sunflowers





Stream (raw — no subs)

Stream (w/ eng subs)


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