Femme Feature: Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min JungLeeMinJung

You might recognize her from drama Boys Over Flowers but I am more familiar with some of her movies. I have however put the business-romance Midas on my list of 2011 dramas to watch, it looks entertaining.

The first movie I saw her in was White Night (plot & trailer) which earned her a Best New Actress award. This movie was a big hit as a mystery thriller because I guess killing for love is popular?  — plus its based off a Japanese novel. You get that sick feeling in your gut as you see how the murders are encouraged and justified. Lee plays more of a supporting role as an assistant to an executive who is marrying the girl that the other guy is killing for — make sense? Sometimes people’s idea of justice means other people have to die, dun dun dun.

White Night

Then, Searching for the Elephant (plot & trailer),was a decent psychological thriller which gained mixed reviews. I did appreciate how the character’s and their circumstances fit together like a puzzle by the end. Its about three friends and how their inadequacies complicate their lives. I might just like the title and how it fit into the film to give it meaning more than the movie itself..


I remember reading about one of her co-stars from Boys Over Flowers/ Searching for the Elephant, Jang Ja-yeon, who had been suffering from depression and committed suicide just after its release. Totally reminds me of Heath Ledger & The Dark Knight. Also makes you wonder about how much the role/content of their work at that time added to the depression. Heath playing the Joker was an intense role to say the least — psychotic, dark, violent, graphic, etc. As for Jang Ja-yeon, Searching for the Elephant is no where near “dark” but does contain some serious themes about infidelity, sex and schizophrenia.

aparoo says when there is no elephant in the room you can always search for one.

White Night review


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