He Who Can’t Marry (K-drama) – Kim So Eun

This romance-comedy is Kim So Eun‘s second big role in a drama — she’s appeared in others like Sad Love Song & Boys Before Flowers. If she didn’t look so good it in it — playing the main guy’s neighbour, I don’t know if I would have continued watching it (maybe it was that whole ‘girl next door’ appeal).

This series is about a goof, I mean a 40 year old unmarried guy running his own firm living alone and in his own peculiar way. In the beginning I was like.. this guy is annoying.. but then I kept watching it and his 40-year-old-virgin demeanor and quirky personality grew on me. I’m glad I watched this series because I literally laughed my ass off every single episode. The more annoying he is the funnier it gets! He’s literally a pain in the butt to everyone that he crosses paths with– which is few since he’s mostly in his own secluded little world and finds people annoying (ironic). He’s OCD, anti-social, socially inept, stubborn and just plain annoying. So imagine him with the ladies? Yeah, major LOL.

Drama Wiki

aparoo says I wish she was my neighbour, instead I have a family with 4 kids next door who scream, cry, run and jump around 24/7.


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