Femme Feature: Ueto Aya

Newcomer of the Year to one of the most recognizable faces in Japan.

I can have this song on repeat all day for some reason. (English fan-subbed version of Namida no Niji)

She can J-rock too!

Then there’s the acting. My favourite Aya dramas: Attention Please (clips), Hotelier (Korean remake), Zettai Reido (haven’t seen season 2 yet), Nagareboshi. I think Attention Please is still my favourite comedy.  She can play funny to serious and back again all in the same scene, skills. It must be the short hair. And of course the acclaimed movie Azumi. The Azumi trilogy is just kick-ass. I don’t know what I like better, Aya‘s singing or her acting? I mean its common for these entertainers to have their feet in both but its not often that they’re equally good at them. I wonder which she likes better?


aparoo says Aya so kawaii


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