Outrage (J-movie) – Takeshi Kitano

When you’ve got a genius man like Takeshi Kitano aka Beat Takeshi behind a film like Outrage (director, exec producer, screenplay and actor) you know its going to be.. outrageous. I have considered Takeshi my favourite Japanese director and actor for a long time, often referring to him as the Clint Eastwood of Japan. If you believe in true originality and artistic expression I urge you to check out some of his work (IMDB). I would say he is most famous for his conceptual directing and strong acting and what a way to make a comeback to the Yakuza film genre with Outrage.

The trailer for Outrage gives you just a taste of why I hold him in such high regard, and a glimpse at a really good Yakuza story.
Same trailer with English subtitles here.

If you are regular to watching Japanese movies you will recognize a ton of faces in the trailer. Outrage is so star packed that I can’t even name them all. But its not overweight with big flashy names and lack of characters on screen. In fact, the dynamic cast makes for a really diverse and enriched onscreen ensemble and story for the characters — I can’t imagine anyone else playing the roles. I don’t have a synopsis, plot summary or movie review to give on Outrage, short story is that its one my favourite movies of 2010 and of Takeshi. The film depicts the organization and power struggle within organized crime. Loyalty. Hierarchy. Business. Violence. Power.


aparoo says my head would probably explode if I ever met Beat Takeshi

*SPOILER* *NSFW* *CRAZY* 12 minute compilation (here) of the “scary” aka graphic & gangster scenes from Outrage. Don’t watch if you don’t like blood or if you plan on watching the movie in its entirety — which I recommend.

Similar to Election (HK-movie)


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