Buzzer Beat (J-drama)

Buzzer Beat was surprisingly a very good romance and sports drama. Usually the two genres clash and one overshadows the series while the other falls short (Heading to the Ground – Korean, comes to mind), but that wasn’t the case here. It was interesting to see the love for basketball complement falling in love. At the same time, relationship issues like marriage and infidelity created a serious intimacy on-screen.

The cast was pretty well rounded. The main guy, known as “Yamapi” by his fans, is probably most memorable for Nobuta wo Produce and Code Blue (never bothered to watch Season 2). Saki Aibu is more like the veteran, which was fitting for such a dynamic character. She starts off as the girlfriend, becomes deceptive and by the end you probably can’t help but sympathize with her. Sometimes her acting seemed like a bit much, but then again it evokes emotion. The supporting roles (coach, teammates, roomate) provide the comic relief and a little bit of their own drama. Did I mention love-triangles?

The other big star is the newcomer Keiko Kitagawa who “everyone,” myself in included, fall in love with. Her character’s timid yet spirited personality makes for great chemistry.

Keiko Kitagawa

Its kind of weird watching an affair unfold, you can’t help but try and reverse or reason with it. Reverse as in.. yell at the culprits to stop! Reason as in empathize with feelings. On the other hand its kind of hard to watch someone chase their dreams only to be fouled in life repeatedly. Different ambitions for being a basketball player and violin performer create similar convictions that can be shared, and new found love. Ultimately Buzzer Beat depicts the composure you need when making the shot to beat the buzzer. It takes a confidence in yourself to achieve. Hopefully with that you can make the shot, and more importantly GET THE GIRL! In this case, its really the girl that enables you to make the shot..

Drama: Japanese
Genre: Sports/ romance
Episodes: 11
Year: 2009

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Drama Wiki

aparoo says: 5/5


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